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    Privacy Policy

    Privacy Policy

    The following provisions makes out the current privacy policy issued for the services offered through the website SimpleBuy.io (hereinafter "Website").
    The "Consumer" means any natural person who is acting for purposes which are outside his trade, business, craft or profession.
    The services provided by Simple Buy through the Website (in the following "Services")
    By visiting the Website and using the Services, Consumer expressly agree with the provisions expressed below as well as the Simple Buy Terms of Service.
    If Consumer for any reason object to and do not agree with this policy he/she is not allowed to access and use the services we provide and Simple Buy ask Consumer to refrain from doing so.
    What data does we collect?
    There are two types of data that Simple Buy needs to collect from the Consumer:

    Personal Data

    Personal Data is any information that relates to an identified or identifiable his/her data as a Consumer as individual. Consumer acknowledges and agree with that Simple Buy may collect and process the following Personal Data related to our Consumer’s are e-mail address, IP address, other information from time to time provides by registering such data in forms on the Website, information Simple Buy has requested in relation to Consumer’s reporting a problem with the Website and/or the Service.
    In the addition to, when Consumer contact Simple Buy, we may also keep a record of the information Consumer has supplied us with in the correspondence.

    Non-Personal Data

    Simple Buy gathers information for statistical and analytical purposes.
    We referred to this as Non-Personal Data. Non-personal data is information that cannot be used to identify or contact Consumer. The data we collect and process in this regard includes the type of browser Consumer use and other statistical data relating to the use of the Website and our Services. Information may also include content he/she view, such as which operator and country, the date and time that Consumer view this content.

    Why does Simple Buy collect Non-Personal Data?

    Simple Buy always strive to deepen our understanding of where the Consumers come from, what they appreciate and what parts of Simple Buy they feel can be improve on. Collecting and processing the above specified data is an important if not vital mean of achieving this objective.
    How does Simple Buy use Consumer’s Personal Data?
    Consumer acknowledges and agrees with that Simple Buy may use this Personal Data for the following:

    a. To enable us to help execute the Top-Up order Consumer have requested and to process any payment connected with that Top-Up request.
    b. To contact Consumer if it's required in relation to the Top-Up that Consumer has sent or to reply to any communications that Consumer from time to time might send to Simple Buy.
    c. To provide Consumer with highest level of customer care Simple Buy possibly can.
    d. For security purposes, i.e. to prevent fraud and other illegal activities in relation to usage of the Website and/or the Services.


    A cookie is a small text file of letters and numbers that is stored by the browser on Consumer computer when he/she visit certain websites. A cookie allows a website to distinguish Consumer’s computer from other users’ computers. Normally cookies do not contain Personal Data unless Consumer has already given this information to the Website. We use cookies in order to be able to present the Website in the most suitable fashion possible and to make sure that we receive the most relevant data from our database while the Consumer are visiting the Website.

    Does Simple Buy give Personal Data to third parties?

    For instance, when the Consumer use the Services, we will disclose the receiving mobile telephone number(s) to the relevant mobile service distributor(s) and/or operator(s). This is completely necessary in order to execute the Top-Up order that the Consumer has requested. As stated above we might however share certain data with third party service providers in our ambition to ensure fully operational Services as well as enabling an efficient communication stream with our users.
    We may disclose Consumer’s Personal Data if we are required to comply with any applicable law, a summons, a warrant, a court or regulatory order, or other statutory requirement. In the case we have reason to suspect any form of illegal interaction with the Website and/or usage of the Services we also reserve the right to, on a voluntary basis, share Consumer’s Personal data with relevant law enforcement agencies. We will always respect Consumer’s privacy as long as he/she respect our Terms of Service and any applicable law(s).

    Does Simple Buy give Non-Personal Data to third parties?

    Simple Buy may provide Non-Personal Data to third parties (for example mobile operators) regarding the number of unique users who visit our Website, the demographic breakdown of users of our Website, or the activities of users on our Website.
    What can be learned from Non-Personal Data?
    There are a lot of useful things to be learned from this information. For example, it can help potential advertisers, providers of advertising services, commercial partners, sponsors, licensees, researchers and other similar parties.
    Consumer can opt-out at any time, free of charge, by contacting SIMPLE BUY via email. If the Consumer for any reason would like to do so or if Consumer has any questions and/or comments about this policy, please send us an email at [email protected]
    DDGC Sp. z o.o., Sportowa 6/59 35-111 Rzeszow, Poland, Company ID 736143


    This Cookie Policy outlines our policy concerning the use of cookies and similar technologies ("Cookies") on the Website. Cookies are small data files that contain information about browsing activity. They make interactions between the Consumer and the Website faster and easier. Whenever Consumer visit SimpleBuy.io website and have accepted cookies by using tools displayed, the website automatically installs and uses them on his/her browser when Consumer access. When the Consumer revisit our site, the Website will respond in a more personalized way, remembering his/her preferences, providing faster page load times and so forth.
    Simple Buy uses information gathered from cookies to help improve the Consumer experience on our website. For example, they help us to identify and customise the experience for the Consumer, or to determine the most relevant related products to show Consumer when Consumer is browsing. Our Website uses two basic types of cookies:

    a. session cookies - temporary files that are stored in his/her browser until Consumer leave the Website, close the browser or log out
    b. persistent cookies – are stored in his/her browser for a longer period of times, until Consumer refuse cookie.

    If Consumer don’t want any information collected via cookie the Consumer can use his/her browser or device settings to deny or accept individual or all cookies. The procedure varies depending on browser or device, so please visit Consumer’s browser or device’s help section for more details.
    Where required, we will provide further information about the use of any additional cookies on a particular website, application or service when the Consumer visit that website, application or service.