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      What are the available payment methods?

      You can buy our products with Bitcoin at the time being, we will be providing more cryptocurrencies soon.


      I have paid for my order. Why does the order status still say Awaiting Payment?

      Your order will be labeled as completed as soon as we receive the payment.Transactions on the blockchain can be very quick in some cases or it can take longer time in others cases.


      I have not received my order. What can I do?

      After you complete the payment, you will receive your product instantly within a few minutes. If your product did not arrive, please contact our customer support for a quick assistance.


      What if something went wrong , is there a refund policy?

      Yes, if you paid for a product and you didn’t receive as it is described and you didn’t receive at all due to some technical issues.We will refund the bitcoin you paid as soon as you provide an address to our customer support.


      I got an error message during the payment process. What should I do?

      If you’re facing some problems during the payment process please contact our customer support for a quick assistance.


      Why has my order been closed?

      Your order is closed probably because you didn’t pay the order on the time frame mentioned on the checkout page.


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